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Domcor provides a comprehensive software package for tracking your company training and managing your JOHS.
Safety Essentials is safety software for the safety professional and is an evolution in safety management.
We know managing health and safety can be tedious, difficult, and time- consuming. Make your life easier with the latest software in online safety management.

From training tracking and an interactive training calendar to equipment inventory management and online orientations this software is the answer to online safety management.

Cloud Bases Innovative Secure

This innovative technology delivers:

  • Comprehensive Training Course Library
  • Digital Forms – OH&S
  • Integrated Audit Tool
  • Equipment Inventory Management
  • Content Delivery
  • Classroom Training Calendar
  • Training Record Management System
  • Online Assessments
  • Robust Training Matrix
  • Equipment Maintenance Tracking
  • Virtual Proctoring

Comprehensive Course Library

Available Options:

Tired of paying for courses that are never used? Access the courses you need, when you need them.
Pre-Paid Codes
Need to purchase many seats for a course? Pre-pay for seats without worrying about them expiring before they’re used. Contact us to find out more and to learn if your order qualifies for a volume discount.
All Access
Interested in one low monthly price per person for online training? Take advantage of our all-access pricing, which provides your employees with unlimited access to courses from our central course library for one set price. Quotations available on request.

Digital Forms

Drowning under a sea of paper-based performance reviews, competency assessments, inspection sheets, policy sign-off documents, hazard identification checklists, and audit forms? Stop the tidal wave! Use our form feature to recreate any paper- based form to allow it to be completed online using a computer, tablet or smart phone. Using our intuitive drag and drop technology you can quickly and easily add, checkboxes, checklists, Linkert scales, images, videos, signature and approval fields, page breaks, charts, and more to create a multitude of customized company forms. The possibilities are endless.

Equipment Inventory Management

Taking care of your company’s equipment should be a top priority, but it can be challenging to ensure these important assets are inspected and maintained as often as they should. Our equipment maintenance feature has a built-in scheduler that can be set to automatically send digital inspection and maintenance forms to key personnel, helping ensure your investment is protected. Whether you need these forms sent based on the passage of a predetermined amount of time or achievement of a specific metric, such as hours of operation or mileage, our equipment maintenance feature can handle the job. These automated processes help ensure necessary equipment pre- shift inspections, monthly and annual maintenance, and all other required checks are completed on-time, every time. If an inspection reveals an issue, the feature’s tracking and notification capabilities will open a ticket and alert key personnel so action can be quickly taken to fix the equipment and get it back into operation.

Classroom Calendar

Take control of your classroom-based training by managing it all online with our powerful classroom calendar tool.
Schedule single or multi-day training events using our drag-and-drop interface
Assign instructors and reserve classrooms for each training event. Process participant registration and invoicing online Manage and track classroom equipment and inventory.
Schedule single or multi-day training events using our drag-and-drop interface.

Assign instructors and reserve classrooms for each training event

Process participant registration and invoicing online

Manage and track classroom equipment and inventory

And that’s just the beginning!

Our advanced classroom calendar also allows for the creation, completion, and marking of randomized in-class exams; automatic generation of personalized completion certificates and online training records; management of participant waitlists, setting of minimum and maximum enrolment levels by course, and much, much more!

If you manage in-person training, let our calendar feature put you in a class of your own!

Training Tracker

Keeping track of employee training has never been easier. With our integrated training record management system, you can upload employee training records, including a copy of each certificate of completion, regardless of the training provider. Once uploaded, automatic expiry alerts can be sent to employees, supervisors, and managers to help ensure your employees’ training is always kept up-to-date. With your employees’ records securely stored in our system, you can instantly generate reports on training efforts by employee, total training hours, expiring courses, and more.

Complete Online Orientations

Face-to-face delivery of site and company orientations can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to deliver and administer, while generating mountains of paperwork in the process. Eliminate the waste, remove the hassle, and reduce the expense by switching to secure online orientations that are customizable, automatically tracked, and easy to deliver.

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