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At Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc., we are all about service, a quality that can only be built on a foundation of experience, knowledge and practice. Our roots are in security and, as leading security experts, we saw a need for a quality, comprehensive training program for security, rescue, and traffic control personnel.

We tapped our own in-house experts, all leaders in their fields, to develop and offer one of the most relevant, consistently exceptional training companies in the industry. We are the recognized leaders in security and we offer our expertise to you and your people.

Domcor was founded in 1999 by Peter Corrado to meet the needs of a diverse client base. We focus our attention on our two separate but related areas of business: providing  high quality and dependable Services and Training.

We develop client and industry-specific training programs for our clients and offer traffic control services and first aid services you can trust. Domcor provides dependable security services to businesses in the private and public sector including our government contracts.

Since its inception, Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc. has built a team of professionally trained personnel, supported by state-of-the-art equipment. Our ability to zero in on our clients’ needs, then deliver meaningful, effective training programs is what sets us apart.

Because we use the best trainers who are backed with industry experience, you can be assured that our own Health, Safety and Security staff is well-trained, effective and knowledgeable in each of their respective positions.

Domcor provides a broad range of services which include health and safety professionals; security guards; first aid and ambulance services (including patient transfers); private investigators; surveillance; asset management; alarm, CCTV and access design; installation, service and monitoring; and traffic control services.

Domcor also provides a wide range of industrial training ranging from confined space rescue to fall arrest. We take pride in working in harmony with other agencies such as the RCMP, fire departments, BC Hydro, B.C. Forestry, Department of Fisheries, and Environment Canada.

Our reputation is proven over and over by our successful participation in high profile, sensitive projects involving integrated management systems. These projects are large in scope and require considerable preplanning before implementation. Clients appreciate our emphasis in providing timely and accurate information through briefing presentations and regularly scheduled written reports.

Our management systems, standards, and guidelines provide our clients with first-class service that respects safety, quality, scheduling demands, and budgets.

At Domcor, we are different. Solid leadership, experience gained from working with clients in long-term partnerships, industry experience, and fiscal responsibility, have a proven track record of providing outstanding service to our clients. Our experience assures that each of our clients receive progressive, relevant training opportunities and provides well-trained, professional Health, Safety and Security service providers.

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