Mission Statement

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As the premier private security provider, we will devlop and implement innovative and cost effective client specific solutions to address the needs of a diverse customer base across Canada, in an effective, professional and responsible manner.


  • A security provider that has a level of customer satisfaction unmatched by any of its competitors.
  • A company that utilizes “best in class” practices and procedures.
  • An employer that recognizes the contributions of all of its employees as critical to its sccess.
  • An organization built on trust, integrity and long term relationships.
  • A workplace that is a source of pride for employees.
  • A responsible member of the community.
  • A profitable organization providing long term, secure employment opportunities for a stable workforce.


  • We are committed to continually exceed our customer expectations in eveything we do.
  • The personal health and safety of all our employees is our first priority.
  • The commitment and knowledge of our employees is key to the success of our business and we will provide opportunities for continuous learning and personal development.
  • A company that operates on the basis of honesty integrity and protects the individual dignity of our employees.
  • Teamwork is a basic tenet of all aspects of our business.
  • We value, respect and protect the environment in which we operate.
  • Positive long term relationships with customers, suppliers, communities and government institutions play a key role in our ultimate success.

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