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The construction workers certificate program was designed to provide the participants with the tickets most often required for working on a construction work site. Where safe operation of equipment as well as fall protection, fire extinguisher safety and first aid are required, this course is essential for safe worksite operations. This course is completed over 56 hours (7 days).


This course is designed to give the participants an overview of safety on a construction site and to build confidence with working on a construction site. On a construction site, the work environment, climate, equipment, personnel, and conditions are in a continuous state of change. These variables can cause accidents and injuries if you do not have the proper awareness and respect of the hazards and where best safety practices are not strictly followed.


This course introduces the basic principles of fall prevention and protection, as well as types of fall protection systems available and the most appropriate use of each of them. It also covers requirements to comply with current international standards in fall protection. Fall protection is a construction necessity.


This course is designed to train participants in the safe operation of a forklift according to all pertinent the standards of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and relevant provincial occupational health and safety regulations. The purpose of this training is to help you become a qualified powered industrial truck (lift truck) operator – an operator who has the knowledge and skills to operate a lift truck in a safe and professional manner. It includes one-half day of classroom instruction followed by practical experience and assessment of the capabilities of the operator in the safe and proper operation of the equipment.


This one-day course is designed for individuals who plan and supervise work at heights, or perform work at heights themselves. This course contains theoretical and practical components, familiarizing participants with the inspection and operation of an elevated work platform.


This one-day certification course meets first aid requirements for Work Safe BC OFA Level 1. Upon successful completion, candidates will be issued a Work Safe BC Occupational First Aid certificate. Participants will learn emergency scene management, minor wound care, CPR and AED training. This course is for British Columbia only all other provinces it is the 2-day Standard First Aid


This one-day certification course focuses specifically on the transport of injured workers to medical aid. There will be a review of OFA 1 standard and critical airway breathing and C-spine management. This course will cover patient handling and lifting techniques as well as spine board and basket immobilization. This course is only for British Columbia.


This is a basic course that deals with the correct selection and usage of fire extinguishers. The participants will understand fire extinguisher types, operating procedures, capabilities and limitations. The course also deals with the combustion process, different fire classes and basic firefighting concepts (P.A.S.S.).


This course provides the participant with the concepts and methods for the safe use of ladders and scaffolds. The information provided will assist in implementing a company protocol for staff or will give the participant the knowledge to safely use ladders and scaffolds in the workplace. The course provides information to reduce the hazards associated with ladder and scaffold use, information on making the correct ladder selection for the job and identifies risks associated with incorrect ladder and scaffold use. The participants will learn scaffolding responsibilities and various platform types along with their stability.


This course lays the foundation for safety in the work environment. It addresses the need for pre-workplace activity and the need to address safe working on a daily basis. The course will discuss the stakeholders involved in the commitment towards safe working practices as well as the roles and responsibilities of the worker, the supervisor and the employer.

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