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This certificate program is a comprehensive course to give students a wellrounded training program to enter the landscaping job market with pride and professionalism. The participant will learn how to use power tools safely, and how to use calculations to produce aesthetically pleasing, professional landscaped areas. This program will run for 78 hours (10 days in total).


The following is a safety briefing covering the tools, equipment and environment and safety. The topics in this training workshop include the workplace safety requirements for a variety of common landscaping tools and equipment. This course will also help the individual to Identify hazards and risks specific to your workplace, eliminate hazards or minimize their impact, develop specific procedures for working safely.


This workshop is designed to provide the participant with the tool options when working in gardening or landscaping as well as give an understanding as to the safety requirement while using landscaping tools. Selecting the correct tool for the job is critical to not only getting the job done properly but also to safe operation of the tool. The participant will be able to identify the basic tools required for landscaping and gardening projects as well as how to use theses effectively and at the same time keeping themselves safe. Proper PPE will be discussed and the reasons behind these requirements. Tool maintenance for longevity will also be discussed.


Using a combination of classroom discussion and skill-based training, participants will develop the ability to initiate and conduct non-entry confined space rescue. Participants will gain insight into hazard identification, assessment and control, incident response, regulatory requirements for entry and rescue, first responders’ roles and responsibilities and limitations of standard and specialized confined space equipment


This course introduces the basic principles of fall prevention and protection, as well as types of fall protection systems available and the most appropriate use of each of them. It also covers requirements to comply with current international standards in fall protection. This is an introductory course only.


This course is designed to give the participants an overview of basic rigging and the safety associated with rigging and hoisting loads. The participants will also learn what the associated BC Regulations are for rigging as well as complete hands on rigging training. They will also learn how to use the operators load charts and complete load calculations.


This course is designed to train participants in the safe operation of a skid steer according to all pertinent standards of the Canadian Standards Association and relevant provincial occupational health and safety regulations. The purpose of this training is to help you become a qualified skid steer operator; an operator who has the knowledge and skills to operate a skid steer in a safe and professional manner. It includes on half day of classroom instruction followed by practical experience and an assessment of the capabilities of the operator in the safe and proper operation of the skid steer equipment.


This workshop is designed to give the participant an understanding of the math that will be required to succeed in the landscaping environment. Landscaping requires knowledge of area, square footage, and calculations such as knowing how many pavers would be required to pave an area as well as other calculation, which include estimating soil requirements for ground coverage. The course will assist you to understand these basic math skills to improve your knowledge and ability to work in this exciting field.


This course provides the participant with the concepts and methods for the safe use of ladders scaffolds. The information provided will assist in implementing a company protocol for staff or will give the participant the knowledge to safely use ladders in the workplace. The course provides information to reduce the hazards associated with ladder use, information on making the correct ladder selection for the job and identifies risks associated with incorrect ladder choice. The participants will learn scaffolding responsibilities and various platforms along with their stability.


The risk assessment course has been designed to give the participants an overview of the importance of assessing the risks associated with the performance of work and the associated risks that may face the worker performing the work/task. The participants will be introduced to the process of risk assessment, from identifying the hazards to the evaluation of the risk associated with the hazard to understanding the appropriate ways to eliminate or control the hazard causing the risk. In practical terms, a risk assessment is a thorough look at your workplace to identify those things, situations, processes, etc. that may cause harm, particularly to people. After identification is made, you evaluate how likely and severe the risk is, and then decide what measures should be in place to effectively prevent or control the harm from happening.


This one-day certification course meets first aid requirements for Work Safe BC OFA Level 1. Upon successful completion, candidates will be issued a Work Safe BC Occupational First Aid certificate. Participants will learn emergency scene management, minor wound care, CPR and AED training. This course is for British Columbia only all other provinces it is the 2-day Standard First Aid


This comprehensive WHMIS 2015 GHS Certification program has been developed in accordance with Work Safe BC requirements for the training of persons who manufacture, work with or are ‘in proximity to’ hazardous materials in the workplace. WHMIS has aligned with the worldwide hazard communication system known as GHS – the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. Aligning with GHS provides many benefits, which will be discussed in the training. With WHMIS 2015 there will be new classification rules, new hazard pictograms, new supplier label requirements, and new format for Safety Data Sheets.

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