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DOMCOR is a key provider of safety and security, including pipeline security, with the ability to work well within both cultural and environmental parameters and major stakeholders.



Domcor provides a comprehensive suite of security services to the pulp and paper industry to control the movement of people, both staff and contractors, and to monitor your vital processes.

Our pulp and paper security personnel and trainers are fully knowledgeable on all applicable occupational health and safety regulations and we can develop a program to make you—and keep you—compliant.

Our plant protection services and containment security is advanced, with full documentation provided. We offer complete training and orientation for visitors. We provide fire protection and confined space rescue teams.

Our trained pulp and paper security personnel check outflow valves and other safety gauges, and work with your shipping department on deliveries and receivables. And our pulp and paper security personnel are there even when you’re not, providing after-hours storage attendant services.

Domcor can also compile an ISO audit committee for your environmental, compliance or occupational health and safety audits.



We are a culturally sensitive choice…to the end. Domcor has positioned itself as leading crisis negotiators for environmentally sensitive areas. We know the players and are a trusted body. We care about your business and we get involved to ensure you can continue to conduct business.

Our ability to relate to key individuals and affect change is valued among the industry leaders in natural resource management and exploration. We are a culturally sensitive choice to provide exceptional mining security services and resources.

Our offering includes health and safety personnel and training, mining security officers, technology solutions and a sensible approach to logistics. We have the experience to prove that we can maintain confidentialities and work within the sensitive culture existing in natural resource management.

Mining security services include patrolling, contractor body and vehicle searches, and we are adept at leading and enforcing safety orientations and inductions for site visitors.


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