Plant & Maintenance Shut Down

Plant & Maintenance Shut Down 2018-03-20T11:06:37-07:00


Domcor offers additional security services during maintenance shut downs.

We provide minimum Level 1 firefighters and security guards with up to Level III First Aid. We are experts at HAZMAT and WHMIS. Our confined space rescue teams are second to none.

We offer vessel guard services, control access and egress, conduct random vehicle searches, monitor for hazardous atmospheres, and provide interior and exterior patrols of the grounds and facility during plant shutdowns or when populated.

We monitor CCTV and security equipment, electronically monitor patrol activity, and provide you with weekly security discussions and monthly security review meetings during your plant shutdowns.

We can also conduct hearing tests on staff, provide safety induction trainings, and perform snow or fire patrols. We monitor valves and gauges so there are no surprises when your plant re-opens after a maintenance shutdown.

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