Confined Space Consulting

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Domcor provides a comprehensive confined space consulting service. This service involves the identification and categorization of all confined spaces identified on your premises.

A complete and detailed inventory is taken where each confined space is categorized and a risk assessment is completed. Subsequent to this, safe work procedures are developed and a rescue plan is put in place. Once the overall project is complete an assessment of training needs is provided along with the appropriate training.

Our services will be provided using the following steps:

  • Drawing Review
  • Onsite Assessment
  • Review and Categorize Fieldwork (Review of CS Identification and categorization)
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Development of site specific Safe Work Procedures
  • Develop Rescue Procedures and requirements for equipment and training
  • Compilation of documentation and procedures into a working document
  • Training of workers

Drawing Review – Design Detail Review

Review all of the engineering drawings for the known confined spaces. The detailed design drawings for the confined spaces assist to identify the following:

  • Identification of confined space structures types
  • Any upgrades or changes to the confined spaces
  • Confined space entry points
  • Cataloging and categorization

Onsite Identification and Photo Cataloging

The site visit would include a viewing of each of the confined spaces to complete:

  • Identification of confined space to existing engineering drawings
  • Document CS Location
  • Photograph each identified confined space
  • Identify other spaces which as yet are not categorized as confined spaces

Hazard Assessment

Completion of a hazard assessment of each confined space and corresponding category. Summarized by category.  Identifying and assessing existing and potential hazards based on:

  • Confined Space Type
  • Access points and types
  • Atmospheric conditions – tests on each confined space
  • Identify Safety requirements for each category
  • Field Level Hazard Assessment
  • Identify safe extraction methodology

Categorize Fieldwork and Catalogue Documentation

This would include the categorization of each confined space into similar risk profiles including entry procedure and process.  Each confined space category will be documented into risk profiles and will include the engineering drawing (the confined space will be identified on the engineering drawing). The documentation will include the photographs of each confined space within its category.

Development of site specific Safe Work Procedures        

This will include the safe work procedures for each of the identified categories for the confined spaces.

Develop Rescue Procedures                                                

Rescue procedures will identify the processes and procedures for the extraction/rescue from each of the categories of identified confined spaces. This will be used to identify the training required for each category of confined space.

Risk Categories include:

  • Low Hazard Atmospheres and spaces
  • Moderate Hazard Atmospheres and spaces
  • High Hazard Atmospheres and spaces

Compilation of documentation and Procedures into a working document

This includes the compilation of the information collected above into a Confined Space Procedures Manual for the client.


Once the risk assessments of each confined space have been completed and documented, training specific to the risk profile will be recommended. This will be documented under Training Requirements and will be categorized into three areas:

  • Confined Space Entry Hatch Watch
    • 4 Hours hatch watch duties and responsibilities training
  • Confined Space Entry Rescue Awareness
    • 8 Hours including hatch watch, understanding rescue processes
  • Confined Space Basic Rescue
    • 24 Hours includes the above and provides rescue training

The training overviews have been provided for each category in this document and will include but are not limited to:

  • Identify characteristics of a confined space
  • Recognize the hazards inherent with confined space work
  • Hazard Assessments conducted for confined space
  • Standby Attendant – who and what is their function
  • Entry |Permits and their use
  • Safe entry into a confined space
  • Blinding, blanking and blocking for confined spaces
  • Cleaning, venting and purging of confined spaces
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Lockout tagout procedures
  • Assisted breathing
  • Rescue and Rescuer
  • Practical Exercise
  • Skill Testing Quiz

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