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While the regulatory requirements for joint health and safety committees apply to all industries and workplaces (except those under federal jurisdiction), training needs and priorities will differ from one industry and organization to another. No matter who you are or what your industry requirements are, you need to have some degree of trained Health and Safety committee assist in the reduction of the incidence of occupational safety and health injuries and illnesses at your work site.

Employers and workers are now able to access more resources than ever for this purpose, but the legislation in all jurisdictions make this difficult to coordinate and monitor as needed.

Domcor proudly offers a Joint Occupational Health & Safety training program which focuses the training of workers and managers/supervisors who are members of a joint health and safety committee. If you are about to install a new Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, Domcor can help with that as well. All of Domcor’s training meets the requirements of current Occupational Health & Safety Regulations.

Our services are provided for the following steps:

  • Organize and implement a sustainable and functional joint occupational health and safety committee.
  • Create and implement strategies that will reduce the incidence of occupational health and safety injuries and illnesses.
  • Describe the rules, responsibilities, structure, and activities of the committee.
  • Identify health and safety hazards and implement control strategies.
  • Explain the major components of the effects of occupational health and safety program.

Program Development

A focused approach is required to meet the range of legislated details for this process. Ultimately, your program will cover areas of:

  • Rules of procedure
  • Refusing unsafe work
  • Consultation
  • Effective communication methods, meeting minutes
  • Workplace inspections, checklists and reports
  • Incident investigations, questioning techniques
  • Committee recommendations
  • Committee effectiveness
  • Strategic long-term planning
  • Evaluation tools, personal and committee

Domcor Health, Safety and Security Inc. can be there to assist every time something at your workplace changes, to ensure that the ripple effect of the change makes its way smoothly throughout your Health and Safety Program.

So exactly, what does your company need right now to be current and compliant?
At Domcor, we are ready to meet and learn who you are, what you do, and what you are dealing with, so that we can ensure your Health and Safety Program becomes and remains fully compliant.

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