Workplace Safety Landscaping

Workplace Safety Landscaping 2017-11-28T22:11:33-08:00
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This course focuses on safety within the landscaping industry. The course will cover the requirements for tool and equipment and environmental safety. Topics that will be covered are outlined below.

•      Workplace accidents •      Leaf blowers
•      Worker training •      Forks spades and hoes
•      Overview of health and safety practices •      Fall protection
•      Responsibilities •      Hazardous plants
•      Crew talks •      Occupational Health & Safety
•      Lifting •      Safe work procedure
•      Ladders •      Orientation, training, supervision
•      Slips trips and falls •      Safety inspections
•      Riding lawn mowers •      Incident investigation
•      Push lawn mowers •      First aid
•      Chainsaws •      Records
•      String trimmers and edger’s

Duration: 8 hrs
Number of Participants: Maximum 18
Certifying Body: Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc.
Certificate Expiry: 3 years


 This workshop is designed to give the participant an understanding of the math that will be required to succeed in the landscaping environment. Landscaping requires knowledge of area, square footage, and calculations such as knowing how many pavers would be required to pave an area as well as other calculation, which include estimating soil requirements for ground coverage.

The course will assist you to understand these basic math skills to improve your knowledge and ability to work in this exciting field.

Course content:

  • Math Foundation Skills
  • Measuring tools
  • Using Formulas
    • Calculating Areas, Perimeters and Volumes
  • Exercises

Duration – 4 hours
Number of Participants – Maximum 20
Certifying Body – Domcor Health Safety & Security Inc.
Certificate Expiry – None
Exam – Several skills test components will apply during the workshop
Prerequisites – none (Students will be required to bring a calculator to class)

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