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MS Word: In this course, you will learn how to use Word to create and edit simple documents; format documents; add tables and lists; add design elements and layout options; and proof documents. You will also learn how to insert pictures, add shapes, add page numbering and use WordArt.

MS Excel: In this course you will learn how to use this very important tool, for creating budgets, calculating costs, working with formulas, creating percentages, merging cells, creating charts, inserting page breaks and inserting pictures.

MS Outlook: In this course you will learn how to set up your e-mail, sending and receiving, creating carbon and blind carbon copies, and creating file folder to manage your e-mails as well as creating an address book, working with the task and calendar options.

MS Power Point: In this course you will learn how to create a captivating slide presentation. You will learn how to create backgrounds and colourful slides, insert text boxes and insert pictures or graphs, learn about animations and transitions.

Project: During your learning experience you will complete a project that will bring together the skills you have learned in each of the above programs. You will have the opportunity to put together a power point presentation that shows off your newly acquired skills.

Duration – 28 Hours of classroom based learning and a 4 hour project.
Number of participants – Maximum 20
Certifying body – Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc.
Expiry – None


 This course is designed to give the participants an overview of good communications skills and to build confidence in communicating with others in the workplace. It also looks at communication itself and the practices behind effective communication.  The course deals with learning how to listen and what to listen for, as well as how to effectively put across your message verbally.   The course provides an overview of the expectations and responsibilities of a worker in the workplace, as it relates to communication.  It also provides an overview of the employer’s responsibility to the worker, as it relates to communication between the worker and the employee.

Course Content:

  • Basic communication
  • Effective listening skills
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Emotional obstacles
  • Managing communication emotions
  • Managing communication conflict
  • Worker rights
  • Safety and refusal of unsafe work
  • Employee responsibilities
  • Employer responsibilities
  • Specific requirements for new and young workers

Duration – 4 hours
Number of Participants – Maximum 20
Certifying Body – Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc.
Certificate Expiry – 3 years


 This course provides the participant with the knowledge to provide exceptional customer service.  We are aware that our customer is a very important asset to the company or organization that we work for and being able to provide exceptional customer service is that component that can set us apart from the competition.

Course Content:

  • Customer service – attitude for success
  • Attitude – a control and success tool
  • Customer expectations
  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  • Listening skills
  • Styles of effective listening
  • Barriers to listening – identifying and removing
  • Proactive listening practices
  • Telephone techniques
  • Strategies for productive outcomes
  • Angry customers
  • Steps from angry to repeat customer
  • Steps for maintaining control and composure
  • Benefit to the client
  • Loyal customers – repeat business
  • Empowered employees – a winning edge

 Duration – 8 hours
Number of Participants – Maximum 20
Certifying Body – Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc.


 This course is designed to give an overview of what Dementia / Alzheimers Disease is and how to recognize the signs. This debilitating disease has serious affects on the patients, including memory loss, loss of cognition and thinking skills. What is oftern not understood is the pressure on care givers especially those taking care of loved ones. Not understanding the disease causes caregivers frustration, loss of rest / sleep and eventually results in exhaustion.

Course Content:

  • What is Dementia / Alzheimers
  • Affects of the disease on patients
  • Signs of early Dementia / Alzheimers
  • Caregiver understanding
  • Tips for caregivers
  • Variations of the disease

Duration – 2 hours
Number of participants – Maximum 20
Certifying Body – Domcor Health, Safety & Security Inc.


This course is designed to give the participant an understanding of good general ethics in the workplace and is based on best practice. The course gives a solid overview of professional business ethics at work and in life. The course covers decision making, which is often difficult, especially when we are be faced with challenging situations where tough decisions need to be made – making the right choice based on your professionalism.

Course Content:

  • Ethics – things to consider
  • Core values
  • Good work ethic
  • Professionalism
  • Your image
  • Individual responsibility
  • Professional boundaries
  • Customer service ethics

Duration – 4 hours
Number of Participants – Maximum 20
Certifying Body – Domcor Health Safety & Security Inc.

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